Friday, February 20, 2009

New workouts feel amazing!

This week some girls from the club shamed me into kicking my workouts into high gear. Actually, they assumed I worked out every day when in reality it's only like, twice a week!! I felt so guilty because as an aerobics instructor I really should be in better shape than I am!! So I did some choreography research & practiced some new moves. I played some new music, and went to an extra class (taught by someone else) and also went online for some ideas. Today I met the girls & we did a really good workout on our own from 4-5:30. SO this week I logged in between 5-6 hours of cardio/strength training. I feel GREAT! The only slight problem is my energy level late at night (since most of my workouts are in the early evening) it makes it difficult for my to go to bed when I should. And then the kids wake me up early -darn!
~~One of my new workout routines (thank you Kelly for ideas!) goes something like this:
Warm up: My new hip-hop/warmup and stretching
Step 1: 5 minutes up/down on the bench with weights/arm exercises
Step 2: 2 minute higher cardio interval focusing on leg muscle groups
Step 3: 2 minutes of Ab Crunches & Leg lifts on the floor
Step 4: Repeat Steps 1-3 Several times, step 1 changing arm muscle groups & step 2 changing leg muscle groups
Step 5: Good mornings (gluts/hams), oblique crunches, and squat/leg lifts with the heavy bar on shoulders
Step 6: Chest presses, Tricep presses, Clean & Presses with heavy bar
Step 7: Outer thigh slow boxer kicks, Inner thigh work
Step 8: Ab crunches & various exercises on the floor
Cool Down: Stretch & Relaxation

I know on paper it sounds pretty dry, but actually it's a lot of fun!! Now "self" NO MORE all you can eat pizza and ice cream binges - I need to get in better shape! And for those of you in town I'd like to challenge you to join me in one of my classes! Maybe together we can go from good enough to greater than!


Vegan Mothering said...

Tiffanie, have you ever checked out They have a ton of great workout ideas. I also love any of Gay Gasper's workouts or Mindy Mylrea. Anyway, keep it up. Being an aerobics instructor is a lot harder than it looks, especially when you want to excell at what you do. Keeping it fresh and fun is always important, but definately not easy, so keep it up!

Becky said...

All I have to say is, you are amazing, Tiffanie.