Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ever lock your keys in your car?

Aaaah! I did it this morning! It totally ruined my morning. I went to Chevron for gas (at least the prices can make you smile!). I pumped gas & tried to get back in - I only had my bank card with me, no keys or anything. I was locked out & the kids were locked in! I went inside to ask them if they had anything I could use to break in. They didn't. I borrowed a cell phone and NO ONE was answering, finally dad answered at the post office & was able to reach mom who came. Some guys tried to rescue me with my own antenna. It didn't work no matter how hard they tried, they just couldn't get it to pull the automatic lock button up. The police showed up and my boys were bawling their heads off by then. Yes, I tried to get Keanu to unlock, but he was buckled in and couldn't reach. So I called a locksmith & they came and unlocked it. So it was an hour ordeal. When Jeff found out what happened, he went to the lockshop and made lots of extra keys, some of which are hid on the outside of both of our cars. This isn't the first time this has happened!!! Thank goodness it's over!


Becky said...

What a horrible experience! It must have been so hard to see your boys just on the other side of the glass, and you can't comfort them. I am glad everything turne out OK! I remember a time doing that when Jon and I were newlyweds and only had one car- Jon had to ride his bike to where I was to rescue me! Now we have AAA- which will come unlock the car for free, but you still have to wait awhile.

Thanks again for coming to visit yesterday- I had a really great time! I miss seeing you as often as I did. At least I didn't move too far. Oh- by the way- Marcus found Kiera's jacket in one of the bedrooms - - I will try to get it to you when I can!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I am trying not to laugh out loud when I read your blog!.. Sorry Tiff but COry and I were laughing. I can see Keanu trying to reach for the door and just give up!.. Anyway, extra keys is a good idea.. try to teach Keanu how to unbuckled for next time :)
Miss you guys!
Cory & Minnie

Melissa DeLeon said...

Yes, I have done it before, but only once did I feel the pressure of getting it unlocked, and that is when Monico locked the keys in our car AFTER turning it on... and we were almost out of gas! We had to wait next to our running car for the locksmith to come and unlock it.
What really stunk was that we paid $30 or $40 for it, and a year or so later I learned that my car insurance covered it ("emergency roadside assistance") and I could have been reimbursed for it! Grr...
But, that is not nearly the drama you had with little kids in the car, so it is definitely not even a close comparison!