Thursday, October 30, 2008

Harvest evening at Schell Farms!

YES! We had lots of fun at the farm! Petting animals, playing in the corn & hay mazes, on the hay pyramid, and the slide, a hay ride, and dinner was roasted hot dogs and marshmallows at the bonfire.

Kalani's favorite was the animals, he kept trying to put his finger in their mouths. He laughed and laughed! Keanu was very shy, almost afraid of them. Especially the gobblers!

I think Keanu's fave, the little kid hay maze!

Posing in the corn - Yes we did get lost and ended up coming out the entrance instead of the exit, haha!

A very bumpy and slightly sprinkly wet hay ride - the kids loved it!
And pick your own pumpkin - oh, MORE pumpkins? As if we didn't already have too much!

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Becky said...

Fun!! Is this the one in Toppenish? We took the cub scouts there last week (though I still wasn't feeling very good, so it wasn't as fun for me). We are going to try to go again with my parents tomorrow.

Oh- and I think Kiera's dance class is at the same place Cynthia had her tumbling class the last couple of years!